A Group Exhibition
1 July – 10 September 2022
in collaboration with Maçakızı 

“Nature inspires awe and wonder as it connects us—humankind. It nurtures creative expression in many forms as a pathway that unites human stories and diverse cultures. Presented in dialogue with Aegean nature, we invite you to explore individual creative practices with BETWEEN HUMANKIND AND NATURE, a collection of works by artists who are reimagining our relationship to nature and the world around us.”

–Demet Muftuoglu-Eseli

Co-Founder of ISTANBUL’74

ISTANBUL’74 presents “BETWEEN HUMANKIND AND NATURE”, a new group exhibition opening in the heart of the Aegean Riviera in Bodrum, Turkey, in collaboration with Maçakızı, on view between 1 July and 10 September 2022.

Spread across the distinctive natural setting of the Aegean Riviera, “BETWEEN HUMANKIND AND NATURE” marks a new area of exploration for nurturing creativity and artistic collaboration blended into the cultural textures of this ancient location. “BETWEEN HUMANKIND AND NATURE” features paintings, sculptures, site-specific installations, collectible design pieces and works by national and international artists who represent the current diversity of transversal creative practices in crafts and cultures around the world and across generations.

The curation of “BETWEEN HUMANKIND AND NATURE” by Demet Muftuoglu-Eseli, showcases contemporary works and four special projects conceived specifically for exhibition on the coastline of the Aegean Sea, presented in dialogue with the natural environment and the surrounding spaces. The first edition of this group exhibition features a diverse set of talents including Swiss post-war and contemporary artist FEDERICA PERAZZOLI, Argentinian industrial designer and artist CRISTIÁN MOHADED, Dutch-New Zealander designer and artist SABINE MARCELIS, British landscape artist STEVE MESSAM, Cuban-American artists JOSÉ PARLÁ and REY PARLÁ, American textile artist and sculptor RACHEL HAYES, Turkish art kilim pioneer BELKIS BALPINAR, Turkish contemporary artist MEHMET ALİ UYSAL in collaboration with Pi Artworks, American conceptual artist MIKE BERG in collaboration with Galeri Nev Istanbul, KORAY TOKDEMIR in collaboration with ArtON Istanbul, Mexico City-based conceptual artist CARLITO DALCEGGIO amongst others.

In keeping with a mission to show how art, design and craft can connect cultures and people around the world, “BETWEEN HUMANKIND AND NATURE” explores the underlying narratives and vital transversal relations between humankind and nature. A number of pieces will be produced on site in the natural setting of Bodrum and in collaboration with indigenous artisans of the Turkish Aegean. In this way, the collection of works celebrates new stories by these diverse individual talents and creators.

The artists of “BETWEEN HUMANKIND AND NATURE” are invited into the tranquility, solitude and beautiful nature of Bodrum to produce works in collaboration with local workshops and studios while utilizing native techniques and locally sourced materials. This year’s artist-in-residence program welcomes Argentinian designer Cristián Mohaded, Swiss contemporary artist Federica Perazzoli, Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis and British landscape artist Steve Messam.

“BETWEEN HUMANKIND AND NATURE” is designed to offer an engaging experience in the striking setting of Bodrum. As visitors move through the group show in the Bodrum landscape, they will encounter a series of works interspersed into the singular natural and architectural spaces. The exhibition is an invitation to admire these pieces up close, in concert within the richness of nature, to discover the depth and breadth of each practice and type of crafts in a new light.

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