Co-founded by Demet Muftuoglu-Eseli and Alphan Eseli in late 2009, ISTANBUL’74 is a cross-disciplinary, creative entrepreneurship that provides an exemplary platform for cultural and artistic interchange between its hometown Istanbul and the world. The practice produces and hosts some of the most exciting art and culture events in the global calendar, including the annual Istanbul International Arts and Culture Festival – IST. Festival.

Floating around the boundaries of art, fashion and design, ISTANBUL’74 serves as a hub for nurturing creativity and artistic collaboration to bring visionary talent and innovative brands together. Taking an unorthodox approach to attract new fields to expose creative work, the practice positions Istanbul as the centre stage for global events, and acts as the principal provider of international arts and culture activities in Turkey.

At its GALLERY space located in Teşvikiye in Istanbul, ISTANBUL’74 hosts a series of rotating exhibitions and programming throughout the year with a focus on showcasing inspiring contemporary works by both national and international artists. Some of tailor-made ISTANBUL’74 exhibitions travel around the world to further establish new partnerships and open new pathways to foster interactive and dynamic relationships between cities. ISTANBUL’74′s diverse programming also includes one-off on site and off-site organizations, such as talks, book signings and performances.

As well as producing full-colour catalogues for its exhibitions, ISTANBUL’74 also develops and publishes ’74GAZETTE– a daily, bilingual online newspaper on arts and culture with a print version published quarterly. The creative outlet’s two other ongoing projects with regularly updated content are: ’74VISITS - a collection of photographs and short films showcasing inspirational personal spaces owned by creative individuals, and ‘74ESCAPE– a travel journal that aims to inspire through other people’s stories of unique locations and en-route discoveries.

’74STUDIO - a creative studio and agency, as well as a platform for artist representation, and ’74MOTION- a digital lab that focuses on video making from conceptualization to development and production are subsidiaries of ISTANBUL’74.