06/09/2015 - 07/09/2015 ISTANBUL'74 KARAKÖY

Francesco Carrozzini’s
9.6. - 9.7.2015
ISTANBUL’74 Karaköy

This series of photographs is about encounters. Portraiture in its purest form is a reflection of spontaneous, curious and ceaseless encounters. Each final image becomes the outcome of practicing photography as an engaging experience. For me, these portraits are about showing the reciprocal relationship that exists between the photographer and his subject; what I take from them in a picture is given back as a reflection of an authentic moment.
Francesco Carrozzini

This show exhibits some of Carrozzini’s most notable portraits from the first decade of his career. The uniqueness of these works lays in the notoriety as a well as the sincerity of his subjects. As the subjects get in front of Carrozzini’s lens, a genuine intimacy is revealed and shared. These dynamic and beautifully lit portraits exhibit Francesco Carrozzini’s talent as a portrait photographer. The photographs reflect each shot as an unconstrained and spontaneous encounter; each talent grants Carrozzini with a consistent level of trust, which becomes evident through their expressions and body language.

About Francesco Carrozzini
Francesco Carrozzini is a photographer and Emmy Award nominated director. His photographic works have now spanned almost a decade.
His photographs have appeared on the covers and pages of Vanity Fair, L'Uomo Vogue, The New Yorker, W, Rolling Stone, POP, New York Magazine and Vogue Italia, amongst others. He has photographed personalities as diverse as Robert De Niro, Kanye West, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Michael Bloomberg, Tony Blair, Keith Richards, Beyoncé and Jeff Koons, to name a few.

Carrozzini’s career began in 2001 at the age of 19, while still in college as a philosophy major, when he directed a promo for Italian MTV. He has since directed several short films, documentaries, commercials and music videos which have been featured in such competition as The Venice Film Festival and The Lions in Cannes. The music videos he has directed span a wide spectrum of genres with leading artists including Sia, Marilyn Manson, Nicki
Minaj, Beyoncé, A$AP Rocky and Lana Del Rey.

ISTANBUL’74 was founded by Demet Müftüoglu-Eseli and Alphan Eseli in late 2009 to cultivate platforms that connect Istanbul to the International cultural scene; by turning the city into a hub for global events, and by acting as the principal international arts and cultural provider of Turkey. Thriving on creative exchange and operating in non-traditional ways, ISTANBUL’74 is engaged in a range of activities that include cultural events, festivals, workshops, exhibitions, and artistic collaborations, which involve the leading minds of their respective fields from all over the world. ISTANBUL’74′s diverse programs combine various creative disciplines, including fashion, film, music, design, architecture and performing arts.

Situated in Galatasaray and Karaköy, Istanbul, ISTANBUL’74′s gallery spaces act as the headquarters of ISTANBUL’74 for Art, Fashion and Design, exhibiting the contemporary works of both local as well as international artists. 

ISTANBUL’74 has organized and curated exhibitions for a variety of established and international contemporary artists with different artistic backgrounds. Exclusive ISTANBUL’74 exhibitions and organizations travel around the world and establish new partnerships and pathways for fostering new dynamics between cities. ISTANBUL’74 is a multi-disciplinary entreprise comprising of ’74GAZETTE, an independent daily cultural news website and quarterly printed periodical Arts and Culture magazine in both in English and Turkish, ’74STUDIO, a creative lab, agency and a platform for artistic representation, ’74MOTION, a digital lab focusing on video making, conceptualization, development and production and ’74VISITS, a collection of photographs and short films of inspirational personal spaces of creative individuals. 

The ISTANBUL’74 Group has rapidly turned into an international and multi-platform collective that creates inventive approaches and collaborations.

About Chopard
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About Tektas Watches and Jewellery Group 
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