A few photographs hang on a small wall in Pera Museum, right next to Fred Wilson’s artworks... Due to the unsuspiciously natural feel and look of these old black and white photographs, capturing a man and a woman in their homes, this installation may easily be overlooked. But upon closer examination, this is one of the most striking collections in the Istanbul Biennial. Lee Miller’s photographs are in fact taken in Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun’s actual homes, after they left for the shelters and shortly before Hitler committed suicide. The man and the woman in the photographs are revealed effortlessly carrying on with their daily lives, smiling. Other photographs capture the daily objects and scenes from a home, no different from anyone else’s. These series of photographs are very disturbingly normal; in a sense that they are each a scene one would expect to find in their neighbour’s, or even in their own homes. Hidden in plain sight in one of the photographs though, is an object you wouldn’t find in just any home: The boots right in front of Eva Braun’s bathtub, brought from a concentration camp into the home by the artist. This unsettling work should be on everyone’s Biennial list.