The 15th edition of Istanbul Biennial, curated by artist duo Elmgreen&Dragset, brings together 55 artists around the world and addresses different concepts of “home”, “belonging” and “neighbourhood”. This year’s theme, “A Good Neighbour”, will be searching for answers about how living modes have changed throughout the years.

Apart from the exhibition between the dates of September 16th and November 12th, which will take place in six neighbouring venues, the biennial will also feature a public programme that involves events and discussions. Elmgreen&Dragset’s billboard project in various cities around the world calls attention as well. The project displays series of photographs curated by Lukas Wassman and can be seen at many different cities from Manchaster to Sydney within this two month period. On the streets of cities like Chicago, Tokyo and Sydney, the viewer can stumble upon one of the various questions such as: Is a good neighbour someone you rarely see? Is a good neighbour someone you don’t fear? Is a good neighbour too much to ask for?

Aiming to start a conversation about what makes a good neighbour that surpasses the boundaries of cities and even countries, artworks have been installed in six venues in Istanbul. The Biennial can be visited until 12th of November at Istanbul Modern, Galata Greek Primary School, Pera Museum, ARK Kültür, Yoğunluk Atelier and Küçük Mustafa Paşa Hammam.