It’s always hard to wait for a David Hockney exhibition, especially when he is to return to Tate Britain for his most comprehensive exhibition up to this day. The exhibition, which will be held in February 9 through May 29, gathers a huge selection of Hockney’s most famous paintings, drawings, prints, photos and videos. 

Not only we will get to see his homoerotic paintings, but we will also witness his recent L.A. ones. The exhibition will cover six decades of Hockney and aims to celebrate his upcoming 80th birthday. According to exhibition's co-curator Chris Stephens Hockney, more than most other artists, is particularly engaged with what he's going to do next rather than what he did in the past. Perhaps this is the main reason why Hockney's work is timeless itself. 

Stephen also points out that they worked with Hockney while selecting the pieces and focused on the ones that he wants to emphasize. There will be more of the works that were made decades ago. Those include his homoerotic paintings that he made during 1960 and 1961, his portraits of loved ones, his poolside in L.A. and many more. 

Tate stands out as the perfect place for such an exhibition, mainly because it was the place where Hockney visited Picasso's retrospective when he was a first year art student. The visits have left a remarkable mark on him, shaping his style and approaches to media.