Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe build a platform, a small world of its own, for their installation within Istanbul Biennial. This world, located now in Galata Greek Primary School, is a part of a series first created in 2015 and has been adapted to and re-built in various locations since then. The inspiration of this work comes from a book, The Year 2000, by Herman Kahn. Herman Kahn describes a city named “San San”, which is a fictional location that forms on the California Coast in the future. In “San San” are different subcultures found and people from these different, even contrasting subcultures, live together. Freeman and Lowe’s installation, “Scenario in the Shade”, sets off this fictional location and applies every existing subculture in the book into a small room. The installation is entered through a blue portable toilet, which then leads into a cosy living room, decorated like that of a grandmother’s. Each room from there on is decorated in accordance to a different subculture described in The Year 2000. The rooms are carefully brought together, with a lot of details referring to the foundations set in the book. One of the most interesting works within the Biennial, Freeman and Lowe’s “Scenario in the Shade” can be visited until 12th of November.