18/10/2012 - 09/11/2012 ISTANBUL'74 KARAKÖY

Designer, actor and explorer Waris Ahluwalia is strongly influenced by the romance and history of ancient kingdoms.

His HOUSE of WARIS jewels, which are coveted by fashion icons and sold at the finest boutiques, bring together old world techniques to hatch marvelously timeless creations.

Anchored in the land of tradition, yet raised in the ever-changing city of New York, Waris is in a unique position to share with the world an uncommon view. Determined to preserve the ways of the old craftsmen and along the way setting new standards for goods that are touched by hand, Waris gives luxury a new light.

To that end, he has spent the last seven years searching the world for the best craftsmen, those that create with a love and an innate under- standing of the materials. From Rome to India to Bangkok to New York, he has worked with the greatest talents, combining the old with the new.

“I envision a world where objects made by skilled craftsmen are the most desired, " says Waris, "Where a considered life is the richest.”