17/09/2014 - 15/10/2014 ISTANBUL'74 GALATASARAY

Queen Marie Josè (1906-2001), daughter of the King of Belgium, grew up in a world of art and music. In 1930, she married the Italian Crown Prince Umberto, and had to adapt to a glittering but rigid environment, quite unlike the more liberal atmosphere of the Belgian Court.

With her beauty and supreme taste Queen Marie Josè became an icon of elegance in the 1930’s. The evening dresses and mantels displaying unique mastery, were produced by the haute-couture houses of Italy. Presenting these dresses and robes along with objects and photographs, this exhibition bears witness to the power of appearance as a tool of communication.

It also sheds light on the private world of this young and elegant woman, who represented the Royal Family in official occasions for sixteen years, and then became queen just for a month before being exiled at the age of 40.

The exhibition took place in 2012-2013 in Musées Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire in Brussels and La Mona Bismarck Foundation in Paris in 2009.