When are you happiest?

I am happiest when I am spending time with animals and being in nature

What motivates you?

Music motivates me while I am working

Which city or cities are centres of creativity and inspiration for you?

Istanbul is the centre of my creativity and inspiration for me

What’s on repeat on your playlist?

David Lynch - Crazy Clown Time 

For you, what does Istanbul stand for?

Istanbul is my living room

What’s your current source of inspiration?

Turkey’s variable agenda in socio-politics  

Your most memorable journey?

I don’t have an answer for this question yet!

Your favorite place to visit to get ideas ?

My studio

Your most cherished possession?

I don’t have a possession as such

Who or what inspired you to become a designer?

I am a painter and this talent is gifted by God!

Current favorite artist(s)?

Otto Dix, Botero, David Lynch, Peter Greenaway, Alex van Warmerdam, Andrzej Zulawski

Key moment in your life?

Compulsory military service for 18 months

Favorite recent discovery?

A beer called Oettinger

Favorite designer(s) of all times?

My favourite painter of all time is Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres 

Can you give us your own definition of creativity?

Creativity is the aptitude of expressing a thought or an action with an up-to date dialect in a genuine manner

How will you be remembered?

I am still alive

What is the trait you most deplore about yourself?

I don’t have an answer for that

If you had to be a Typeface which one would you be and why?

I am not interested in Typefaces

What do you do when you’re stuck during a creative process?

Sleep for 20min

What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up in the mornings?

A coupe of tea

What do you look for in a designer?

I am not a designer so this is irrelevant

What do you look for in the visual arts?

It depends on how close to my world

Advice in one word ?